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I don't want to be a Narcissist anymore - how to Recover from Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I don't want to be a narcissist

Therapy is key for narcissistic personality disorder patients. A competent and reliable therapist is, therefore, a must-have. Treatment of the NPD requires an individual to learn to live with others well through healthy interactions. Guidance from a therapist allows a person to have relationships that are enjoyable, intimate and more importantly, a rewarding interaction with the people in the patient’s life. As an NDP patient, there is a need to understand the symptoms of the disorder and therefore, learn how to overcome the symptoms. For example, the patient, through the guidance of the therapist should understand what causes them not to trust others. Upon recognition, the patient will learn the tactics on how to start trusting the people around him or her. More so, learning why the patient could be despising himself or herself in the presence of others allows the therapist to guide them on overcoming the symptom. A good therapist is therefore of greatest importance while recovering from narcissism.

Recovering from narcissism is a process that requires adherence to treatment and more importantly, to therapy. The therapy, however, requires attention and time and therefore, a need for an individual’s willingness to foster the recovery process. One technique that promotes recovery from the NPD is being open-minded. Here, an individual concentrates on the reward acquired during the process of treatment. When there is self-encouragement, the recovery process is quick due to internal motivation.

When a person decides not to be narcissistic, he or she must ensure they have a reliable and competent therapist. Following on the medication is also necessary. Besides, understanding and being willing to overcome the NPD symptoms is the quickest way to recover from the disorder.

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Jul 07, 2021

I am a narcissist. My girlfriend just left me & I told her she couldn't end this relationship, it's forever. Im demanding she go to counseling with me. I love her. She moved cross country, but I'll hunt her down. It doesn't matter what she says because this relationship is not over. She loves me even though she telling me to leave her alone. She says she moved 700 miles away so she could get away from me, but I'll make her come back or hunt her down. She just needs to see how much I love her.

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